The object of the game is to eliminate all opposing players by getting them “OUT”.

This can be done by:
1. Hitting an opposite player with a thrown ball (Clothing is considered part of the body).
2. Catching a ball thrown by your opponent before it touches the ground.

Once a player is called out, they cannot come back into the game.

The first team to eliminate all opposing players is the winner!

Games will begin with all of the balls placed along the division line. Each game will be played with 4 balls. Players must be positioned behind their respective baselines before the start of the game.

All players are limited to the dodgeball court during the game. They may only leave the court under the following two conditions. One, they got “out”. Two, to attempt to catch a deflected ball that is still live (not considered dead). Example: Player A throws the ball at Player B, the ball deflects off of Player B. Player B or any of his teammates try to catch the ball before it hits the ground.
A player may NOT go out of bounds to avoid getting hit. Doing so will result in an OUT.
Catching a ball out of bounds does NOT count (the lone exception being if player A is hit and player A or another teammate is able to catch that deflected ball before it hits the ground which is consistent with rules stated above)
A player may step on the center line that divides the court in half, but stepping over the line will result in an OUT.
“ Kamikaze” or “Suicide” Attacks are considered LEGAL. A “kamikaze” attack is when player A jumps off before the division line, throws the ball at an opponent WHILE IN THE AIR and BEFORE THEY LAND ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE COURT. Result, the thrower will be considered “out” if they do not hit a player, but are “in” if they do hit one.

1. Deflections off the floor, walls, spectators and officials are considered “dead balls”.

2. Deflections off a teammate do count and both players hit are out. “Pinball Effect” .

3. If a ball hits another ball, which a player has in their possession, it does not make either player out.

4. If a ball hits another ball, which a player has in their possession and that ball is caught by a teammate, the person who threw the ball is out.

5. If a ball hits another ball, which a player has in their possession and that ball hits a teammate, the person who was hit (teammate) is out.

6. If a ball hits a ball that a player is holding and the ball is knocked out of the players
hands, that player is out.

7. A ball rebounding off a catch attempt may be caught before touching the floor by any teammate on the “hit” player’s team. Result, the thrower is out.

There is a 20 second “shot clock”. A player holding the ball for longer than 20 seconds will receive a warning from the referee. Repeated infractions will result in the player holding the ball to be called OUT. The ref may choose to speed the game up at his discretion.

There is a 10 minute time limit for each game. If neither team has been eliminated at the end of 10 minutes or if the game is deemed by the referees to be at a stalemate, “GLADIATOR” will be declared by the refs. This call eliminates the division line and players will be allowed to run freely on the court.

Any player caught cheating (example: sneaking back into the game after already being called out) will be called out again and will also cost his or her team an additional two outs. The additional two outs will be two random players selected by the referee. All players are expected to be on their best behavior and will be playing on their honor.

The Tournament:
All teams will be competing for the best record. The 4 teams with the best records will advance to the playoffs. In the event of a tie, tie-breakers will be decided by head to head records. If the two teams that are tied have not met in a competition, the tie will be broken by one single elimination game. The four remaining teams compete in the semi-finals. In both divisions, the 1st place team will play the 2nd place team. The winners will face off in the Championship game. The Championship game is best two out of three.

A referee will supervise all games. The referee’s decision is final! No exceptions!
Excessive arguing will cost that team another player. All players are expected to be honorable and on their best behavior. Please call yourself out even if the referee did not see you!!!

All players are expected to be on their best behavior and will be playing on their honor.

Wear comfortable athletic clothing. SNEAKERS ARE MANDATORY. Keep in mind: a referee can/will call you out if a ball hits your clothing.

Protect yourself at all times! An opposing player may not know you are out. Avoid getting hurt by getting off the court immediately once you are called out and be on the lookout as you are getting off. Protect yourself even if you are not playing and watching from the stands as well!