A Big Kids Dodgeball tournament is the perfect company outing.

Looking for a unique, fun, and exciting team building activity for your company? Dodgeball is it!

Benefits for your team include:

Building a strong team – Make no mistake, this game is intense. Your team will have to work together in this high pressure if they want to win! It’s a great bonding experience for the people of your company.

It’s inexpensive – Some corporate outings can cost as much at $1,000 per employee per day! A team of 7 here at Big Kids Dodgeball is only $140, or $20 per employee!

Developing game-winning strategies on the fly – Dodgeball is much more than a simple playground game, it involves real strategy. Is there an opposing team member who is notoriously hard to hit? Have you found the other teams weaknesses? Your teams will work together to adapt their approach on the fly.

Stress Relief – The workday is stressful, and dodgeball is the perfect release. Take your aggression out on your opponents!

Everyone can participate – Let your interns shine! Unlike the meeting room where people might not always feel invited to participate, dodgeball allows anyone in your organization to play on the same field, as equals.

Increase morale – High employee morale means higher productivity. If people are happy with their jobs, they will work harder and work more efficiently. What better way to boost morale then with a fun activity.

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