What’s the Deal?

Big Kids Dodgeball (BKD) is the ultimate ongoing adult dodgeball tournament series to hit the streets of Boston.

BKD is nothing like what you remember from gym class. BKD is 60mph balls coming at your head. BKD is strategy, intensity- this is serious competition!

Teams of 7 (no co-ed requirement) go head-to-head in the ultimate battle for bragging rights. Teams generally play 4 games before the playoffs begin that night.

Unlike a league, our monthly tournaments last on average two hours- so there is no long term commitment. Remember: registration is just for one tournament (one night), this is not a league.


Bragging rights, pure  and  simple. If that’s not  enough  for you, the first  place team each month will receive a coveted BKD Trophy, standing  at  3′ in height! We also try to get a different prize each month from one of our sponsors.

Sign up your squad by clicking on the big right button up there.